Who I Am

I'm Ryan, although my friends refer to me by my last name Broman. I've been living in Sacramento CA since 2008. My favourite movie is Kiki's Delivery Service and my favourite game series is Halo.

What I Say

Ramblings of a Bro Man

What I Do

  • Type Things

    I've been programming and building computers since 2015, where I won the 1st place prize at the school's science fair for my work with Python and the original Raspberry Pi. Since then, I have studied programming and computer science, and I have a special interest in Scala and Swift. Recently I worked on a bespoke community mod for DayZ. The mod has over 11000 subscribers for a community of over 53000 members. I currently work as a Cybersecurity Specialist for the State of California.

  • Play Things

    Since my first Leapster and Sega Genesis I've taken special liking to playing video games. I was part of my first ever competitive official MLG Halo: Reach clan in 2012 and the young age of 12. We played one match, lost, and immediately disbanded. I prefer first-person shooters, RPG's, and 4X/grand strategy games.

  • Study Things

    I'm a senior studying computer science at California State University, Sacramento. I will be graduating in the fall of 2021.
    Thanks to COVID-19 I will likely be graduating in the winter of 2023. But, who knows.

  • Security Things

    I am a budding security / physical penetration tester with an extense background in Urban Exploration.

Useful Resources

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